Friday, January 16, 2009

Peace and Quiet

When I was a youth pastor one of the things I emphasized the most was that our youth group would be a place where the young people could feel safe. We really tried to make it a refuge that they could come to and leave the pressures of school and society in general behind, only if for a couple of hours. Several of the young people have expressed their gratitude for that and said it was one of the main reasons they continued to attend.
My home is located on several acres of wooded land and is barely visible from the road. It is very quiet in our area. There have been times in the past, particularly late at night, when there has literally been no sound at all. It can be a little eerie at times, but mostly I just stand there and am amazed at the total silence. It reminds me that even in the midst of this incredibly busy and noisy world, peace and refuge can be found. My home is my own little "asylum-city" that I can go to and feel safe and know that I can rest there.
Those feelings and assurances should be even more prevalent when we are spending time alone with God. At times we can almost picture him beside us as we pray and read, telling us that he loves us, and that no matter what, he's got our back. That is certainly something to take refuge in.
Starting today, I am going to seek out that refuge more often. I need that time of solitude and communion with God.
I pray that God will give you peace as you rest in his grace and love.

It's like Red Bull for the Soul!

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