Thursday, February 12, 2009

Terror Laced With Glory

Scripture Passage: Judges 13: 3-20
Message Version

I love the stories in God's love letter that tell of God's angels appearing to his people. As I was teaching about that in my youth group years ago, I noticed that quite often the first thing the angels would say was "Don't be afraid!" Yeah right! Those angels were huge and had wings and were surrounded by brilliant white light, and sometimes carried a sword! What's to be afraid of?
I particularly like this story in the book of Judges because of the wording. Manoah's wife related her angelic visit like this,

"A man of God came to me. He looked like the angel of God - terror laced with glory!

When I read that I had to pause and give it some thought. After chewing on that for a while, It occurred to me that it was a rather accurate description of God. I know and believe that God is an unchanging God. However, I think I relate to God differently due to the circumstances I am in when I approach him.
When I go to God to clean up some mess I made, and need to be forgiven, I can't help but picture Him as this stern, strict God who is disappointed in me and my behavior. (That is probably due in large to my Christian Reformed upbringing.) However, when I go to God in worship and praise, then I picture Him as a loving, glorious God who smiles at me as I praise Him.
Terror laced with glory! Or glory laced with terror. I now realize that God is both of those and more! It speaks to me about the awesome power of God that is coupled with His amazing love.

It's hard for me to imagine what that looks like with my limited mind, but it is easy to feel it in my heart and in my soul. Ever since I read this passage I have been contemplating the whole "terror laced with glory" thing, and it is bringing me to a whole new level of recognition of who God is. I hope anyone who reads this will be moved to spend some time thinking about it as well.

It's like Red Bull for the Soul!

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