Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Who Can We Rely On?

2 Chronicles 16:7-9 MSG

There are so many things that stand out to me in this passage, but collectively, it all boils down to who do I rely on the most? Being the over the top Type A personality that I am, I find that relying on myself is the easiest for me. But I find that relying mostly on myself also carries with it the greatest probability of failure. After all, I am human, therefore I am prone to mistakes and a possessor of a sinful nature. I try my very best to make the right decisions, but often times I am influenced by circumstances or people that lead me in a wrong direction.
So if I cannot rely on myself, who can I rely on? Friends? Family? Government? The Church? Unfortunately, past experience has shown that all of them are as prone to mistakes and sin as I am. That leaves only one alternative. God.
I find it curious that throughout history that complete reliance upon God has resulted in victory every time, while reliance on other people and things virtually guarantees defeat. Yet, time after time, we test those same waters expecting the results to be different. One would think that we would learn from that, but somehow we don't .
Asa was a perfect example of this. He knew all about total reliance on God and he and his people were well aware of the peace and rewards that that reliance brought about. Yet, for some strange reason, Asa felt it was time to rely on someone else. A human king by the name of Aram. That reliance brought about only suffering and tragedy. As the scripture says, " it resulted in one round of war after another." Sounds familiar.
I truly believe that God has lifted His hand from our country because we don't rely on Him anymore. We have put our faith in human leaders who have disappointed us and led us into a state of moral decline. Spiritual wars, moral wars, physical wars, culture wars. One round of war after another.
I am in the midst of a personal quest for a revival of sorts. I am putting all my trust in God and relying on Him for my safety, prosperity, protection, and most importantly, my eternal destination.
I only wish that as a people we would do the same.
It is my prayer.

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