Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Who Do You Think You're Talking To?

Scripture Passage - Exodus 3:1-6

A very long time ago my in-laws presented my wife and I with a gift. I honestly don't remember if it was for our housewarming or anniversary or what. The gift was something to plant in our yard. It is called a dwarf burning bush. After nearly two decades, dwarf would be the last word anyone would use to describe it. The thing is huge! Large animals take up residence under it to ride out the winter. I wouldn't doubt that when this bush is in all it's fiery red glory in the fall, that it might be possible to see it from orbit.
Often times, as I mow around this monstrosity I think about Moses and his own personal burning bush experience, and I am very thankful that my burning bush has never caught fire because it would probably take out a couple of acres. And truth be told, if a voice started to call my name I would probably faint dead away.
As I read this passage I was really struck by God telling Moses to remove his shoes because he was standing on holy ground. I truly believe that whenever we enter into the presence of God, whether that be in worship or prayer, that we are standing on holy ground, for wherever God is, that place is holy. That includes lying in bed, walking in the woods, at my desk at work or wherever.
I'm afraid that in some circles, there has been a lack of reverence for God. We forget who he is. I know that we can speak to him as a friend, but that should never replace the fact that we are speaking with the Creator of the universe. Let us all remember the next time we enter into prayer, who it is that we are talking to and that we are standing on holy ground.

It's like Red Bull for the soul!

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