Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The world is full of symbols today. McDonalds has their golden arches, Nike has it's "swoosh", Dodge has the ram, we could go on and end up with quite a list. Our society has a symbol for almost everything, and they are meant to remind us of a person, product or organization. They work quite well because there are thousands of them.
Christianity has its share of symbols as well. Of course there is the cross, and the fish, WWJD and many others. They too, serve the purpose of reminding us of Jesus and our faith in Him.
What other things have become symbols to you in your life?
I am reminded of a time years ago at a men's bible study when someone shared the story of an eye surgeon who closed his practice to go and help the people of a third world country. He set up a little clinic in a small village in the jungle. His first patient was a man whose eyesight was terrible. The eye doctor was able to help him see again. When the procedure was over, the man never even said thank you. Rather he grabbed a length of rope and ran off into the jungle. The eye doctor was saddened by the man's rudeness, but went on about his business.
Hours later, the man returned. He was holding the end of that length of rope and one by one, more villagers came out of the jungle holding on to it as well. That man had used the rope to lead other sight challenged people to the man who could cure them.
That story touched all of our hearts. The next week we brought in a length of rope and each cut about a foot-long piece of it to serve as a symbol, a reminder, that we are on this earth to lead people to the God who can heal them.
I still have that piece of rope and I always will. I know that several of the men in that bible study group still have theirs as well.

We all need to be reminded from time to time why we are here. It's too important to forget. I'm going to start a little place in my home where I can display my piece of rope and other reminders like it. Not a box under the bed, but a place out in the open where I will see them often. I challenge you to do that as well.

It's like Red Bull for the Soul!

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