Friday, January 2, 2009

Aware of God

Scripture Passage: Exodus 33:21-34:7

As I write this first posting of 2009, I'm in search of something very profound and life changing to say. Something so deep and thought provoking that no one will ever be the same after reading it………. I got nothin'.
I will say this however, this year I am putting out a personal APB for God. I couldn't help but flinch a little when I wrote that last line because it makes it sound as if God is hard to find. That He is elusive and hard to get a hold of when nothing could be further from the truth. Popular Christian books of the past have suggested by their titles (either on purpose or not) that God is mysterious and obscure. Books like "The Godchasers" and "The Pursuit of God." Those who may be new Christ followers, or are considering becoming one, might be confused by those titles.
I believe that God is not hard to find, nor is He trying to be vague or hard to pin down. I believe that God is revealing himself to us everyday. It's just that we don't see it because we're too busy or maybe a little indifferent. Look again at today's passage. Right off the bat God says "Look, here is a place right beside me." (Message version). That should give us all the evidence we need that God does not need to be called down from some lofty place to hear our prayers and praise. He is with us always! Our problem is that we are not aware of and responsive to the ways He is revealing Himself to us.
This is my goal for 2009 and beyond, to be more aware of God's presence, and to not think of Him as a distant or far-off God. I am excited to witness and experience the presence of God!
It is my prayer, and I hope yours as well, that God will make Himself known in many ways, and that I will be aware of them and open to them.

It's like Red Bull for the Soul!

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