Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Enough is Enough

Exodus 16:1-6

My wife and I lead a pretty simple life. Some might even say it is a somewhat Spartan lifestyle, although I would have to disagree with that. We live in a modest home on 4 acres of wooded land. We drive a car with almost 200,000 miles on it. We don't have a big screen TV, an IPOD, or a laptop computer. We have an old desktop that I believe has a crank in the back. (jk). Don't get me wrong, it isn't that we wouldn't like to own some of these things, but they are not essential to our lifestyle. I've been accused of being kind of "backwoods" about this, but if that's the only thing I get accused of, I can live with that.
There have been times when I had a little pity party about not having fancier stuff, but God always puts it into perspective for me. Here is a wonderful example of His provision that happened just this morning. Our dishwasher has been giving us fits for a long time, and we needed to get a new one. So, we looked around and found a good one (not a fancy one) that we could buy for around $300.00. That's a lot of money for us and the only way we could buy it was to charge it. We had a bad feeling about charging that amount so we decided not to purchase one at this time. Today I had to call our mortgage company for some info and they informed me that we had overpaid on our escrow account, and they would be sending us a refund check for…anyone care to guess? Just over $300. Praise God!
Just like the Israelites in today's passage, we learned that God does provide if we just remain faithful and obedient. Here is the whole point of today's blog. God promises to provide what we need. I believe however, that He does not promise to give us everything we want. Sometimes we lose sight of that and we begin to complain, again just like the Israelites. In verse 9 we hear that God heard the complaints and concerns of his people, and He provided what they needed.
You've heard the old saying that enough is enough. RBC's need to modify that a bit to say that what God says is enough should be enough.
Be thankful for what you have and consider it enough. Trust God for your daily bread…and maybe a large appliance once in a while.

It's like Red Bull for the Soul!

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