Monday, February 23, 2009

God Is Enough! (My first and last political rant)

Scripture: 1 Samuel 8: 1-22

I'm convinced that this passage is one of the most powerful, prophetic and sad passages in the whole of scripture. This is the point where God's people decided that God was no longer enough for them, and we have been making that decision over and over again throughout history. In fact we have escalated that decision to the point to where God is not just no longer enough, but is now no longer welcome at all.
Lawsuits being filed to remove God's name from government buildings and our currency. Churches who have put more of an emphasis on being culturally, politically and socially correct than they have about teaching God's word. Churches that have twisted or virtually ignored God's word in order to fit it to the lies they preach from the pulpit. God is no longer enough, but a perverted version of him is. Or a human substitute will do.
Samuel was crushed by the people's demands to appoint a human king. He had seen the moral decline of his own sons when they were in power, and he was afraid for his people and his nation. So he prayed and listen to what God told him. I think it is amazing.

"Go ahead and do what they are asking. They are not rejecting you. They are rejecting me. So let them have their own way. But warn them of what they're in for. Tell them the way kings operate, and just what they're likely to get from a king." MSG

Well, it's pretty obvious what happened. We have continued to coronate ( I mean elect ) human leaders who have lied, cheated and corrupted every office in the land. Churches have become showcases for materialism, wealth, political involvement and social relevance.. Human leaders have led us down so many wrong paths that we have lost count.
There is an old song we used to sing in church which I believe could become an anthem for those of us who can no longer be silent about the rejection of God in our society. It's called " I Have Decided to Follow Jesus." And one of the lines in the song says "No Turning Back ….No Turning Back."
I'm not preaching an uprising with torches and pitchforks ( at least not yet ,) but rather a call to all Red Bull Christians to say God IS enough and I will put my complete trust in Him and live accordingly. I will hold our leaders of the church and the country accountable, and I will pray that those in leadership will seek God's will.
If each of us would do this, what an amazing world this would be.

It would be like Red Bull for the World!

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