Friday, April 3, 2009

The Gospel According to Sam and Dean

I was watching my favorite TV show last night. It's called Supernatural and it all about two brothers (Sam and Dean) who travel the country fighting ghosts, demons and all sorts of evil meanies. It's a guilty pleasure that I allow myself. The show can be funny, it's usually gross, and sometimes it crosses into being disturbing. ( I suddenly find myself having to make a run to the fridge during those times.)
The story line right now is that the two brothers have found themselves chosen by God to defeat a major demon and by doing so, prevent the coming apocalypse. Last night's episode had them teaming up with a very unlikely prophet of God against one of the most powerful demons there is. (Who by the way had taken the form of a dental hygienist from Cleveland). You know you want to watch this show, don't you?
Long story short, the demon was finally chased away by an archangel that was assigned to protect the prophet. You never actually saw the archangel, but just his approach shook the building and flooded the room with blinding light. Real book of Revelation stuff. One of the brothers was heard to say "Oh Crap!" as the power of God approached.

Those of you who know me know that I am not a huge fan of trying to decipher end time prophecy, and figuring out when Christ is coming back and all that. It is enough for me to know that he IS coming back and there is much to be done in the meantime. It's just that when I watched that show last night and saw that awesome display of power by the archangel, it set me to thinking. I have always had this Sunday school generated picture in my mind of the second coming. Here's Jesus floating down on a cloud, giving everyone the standard parade wave and yelling hello to everyone.
Last night I realized again that it's not going to be like that. The sky is going to crack open! Millions of angels will pour out of heaven, surrounding Christ who will be in this huge, glorious chariot. The sound of thunder and trumpets will be deafening. Yeah! That's my Jesus! He's coming back in power and glory, not like some wimpy dude on a parade float.
With that in mind, I think it's time for this muddled, messy spirituality that we reproduce in our churches every Sunday morning to end. I'm not talking about going all fire and brimstone on everybody, but I am saying that it's time to quit trying to soft-sell the gospel. People need to know that God is power, and that his power will be awesome to behold.
We just need to make sure that there will be a lot more people who will be glad to see Jesus come, and a lot less people going "oh crap!"
It's up to us..we better get going.

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