Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Supernatural Faith"

Last night I was watching my favorite TV show "Supernatural". I know that some of you won't approve of me liking such a scary and gross show. To you I say.....tough! I'm going to watch it anyway.
This particular episode had to do with an urban legend about a haunted house that supposedly was the home of a axe murderer. The legend wasn't true, but some supernatural investigators had posted the story on their website in such a convincing manner that thousands of people began to believe it was true. In fact, their faith in this story was so strong that it actually caused the axe murderer to come alive and inhabit the house. Hmmmm, imagine that! A faith so strong that things began to come true.

Wouldn't it be great if more Christ-followers were to have that kind of faith? A faith in God that is so strong and so real that the power of Christ begins to manifest itself in their lives? Please understand that I am not talking about "levels" of faith. I'm talking about believing in Jesus so much that we allow and invite Him to work in our hearts, our homes, our churches, and in our society.

I am convinced that more hungry people would be fed and more homeless people would be housed. More marriages would be saved, and abusive relationships would be healed. All because we Christ-followers finally decided that God can and will do what He promised He would.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for that. I'm ready to see God work among us. Are you? It's going to mean that we go way beyond just going to church. It is going to mean the dedication of everything we are to our faith and what we believe. It is going to mean that we can no longer be content with a wimpy faith that is meant to only serve ourselves. It's going to mean that we are praying for things we never prayed for before. It's going to mean stepping out in service to others no matter how uncomfortable it might be. It's going to mean having a "red bull" attitude in the midst of what has become a "chicken soup" faith.

What would this look like for you? I'd like to hear from you about how you could infuse some energy into your faith. Let me know by leaving a comment. Or, you can email me at

Until next time, you pray about this.

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